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Marina (Carlos Ruiz Zafòn)

Marina - Carlos Ruiz ZafònOscar Drai is a young boy who lives in Barcelona, during the 60s. He stays in a dark college, so it’s very difficult to have a real life as a child, real friends and so on. Luckily, Oscar loves adventure and mistery, and one day, during his walking around the city, finds himself in an old house lived by a young girl, Marina and her father. The two boys will discover a world made of mistery, magic, horror and scientific discoveries... 


Scompare solo la gente che ha qualche posto dove andare.
Only people having a place to go could disappear.
Seulement qui a un lieu où aller, peut disparaître.
Только такие люди, у которых есть куда-то идти, могут исчезать.

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Il linguaggio segreto dei fiori (Vanessa Diffenbaugh)

What does your husband want to say giving you a yellow rose? Or a red one? Passion…Love…? Yes, maybe..but not only that…the language of the flowers is a deep secret, which a very few people can catch. And Vanessa is one of them. Since she was a child, she has always had problems with the people around her. She has no family, and the only relationship she can create with a woman, Elizabeth, will be destroyed after some months. Vanessa can’t talk with her words, but she can, more than everyone else, talk through the flowers…The secret language of the flowers is a story which deserve to be read, felt, and understood, because it shows us how a simple flower can save a life…

I cardi sono dappertutto. Forse è per questo che gli esseri umani sono così crudeli gli uni con gli altri.
Thistles are everywhere. Perhaps, that’s the reason why humans are so cruel one each other.
Les cardons sont partout. Peut-être, c’est pourquoi les humains sont si cruels l’un l’autre.
Чертолоки –везде. Это почему человеки-так жестокие друг к другу.

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Mare al mattino (Margaret Mazzantini)

Two mothers, two sons, two different times and two different lands. Jamila and Farid are escaping from the war in a land where some years before even Angelina and her parents escaped from. Today the reality is different: Angeline wants to go back to that land with her son of twenty. The different meanings that a blue sea can have: of life or of death. But the sea is always a secret-teller, and it will give back everything owning to all the lands.

Il deserto è come una bella donna, non si rivela mai, appare e scompare. Ha un volto che cambia forma e colore, vulcanico o bianco di sale. Un orizzonte invisibile, che danza e si sposta come le sue dune.
Desert is like a beautiful woman…never revealing itself, appearing and disappearing. Its face changes shape and colour, is ebullient or white-salt. An invisible horizon dancing and moving like its dunes.
Le désert c’est comme une belle dame…jamais il se révéle, il paraît et disparaît. Son visage change de forme et de couleur, volcanique ou blanche comme le sel. Un horizon invisible, qui danse et bouge comme ses dunes.
Пустыня - красивая женщина, которая никогда не показывается, а появляется и исчезает. У нее лицо, которое всегда меняет форму и цвет, вукланическое или белое как соль. Невидимый горизонт, который танцует и движется как дюны.

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