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And who am I? That’s a secret I’ll never tell…

Filastrocca  impertinente, chi sta zitto non dice niente; chi sta fermo non cammina; chi va lontano non s’avvicina; chi si siede non sta ritto; chi va storto non va dritto; e chi non parte, in verità, in nessun posto arriverà (Gianni Rodari).

I don’t want to be in silence and standing..I want to walk, to move, to leave and to explore any kind of country and culture :-)  And the best way to get it, is reading…because through the books, through the words of authors coming from all over the world, we can always approach to changement, to difference, and to umanity itself.

In 24 years I’ve increased my passion for foreigne cultures trying to study their languages (english, french, russian and catalan), but I think that the best way to know them is plunging yourself everywhere you can.

I’d like to live in an airport, build my little bedroom in front of the flight-screen, choosing every day a destination and cook its typical main dish.The airport is a fabulous place, a metaphorical and magical meeting of different people, having in that moment the same aim: flying.

Considering the fact that living in an airport is not possible :-(  maybe the first step that everyone can do, is to read a book, and then another, and another again….and maybe it will possible to build an ideal and imaginary world made of words, which will make us fly…

This blog would like to have the aim to create a miniature of this ideal world, collecting sentences from different books, proposing my own translation of them in different languages…and collecting photos of every place and every time…

I sincerely hope this place will help us to make our days more relaxing and peaceful.

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