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Mare al mattino (Margaret Mazzantini)

Two mothers, two sons, two different times and two different lands. Jamila and Farid are escaping from the war in a land where some years before even Angelina and her parents escaped from. Today the reality is different: Angeline wants to go back to that land with her son of twenty. The different meanings that a blue sea can have: of life or of death. But the sea is always a secret-teller, and it will give back everything owning to all the lands.

Il deserto è come una bella donna, non si rivela mai, appare e scompare. Ha un volto che cambia forma e colore, vulcanico o bianco di sale. Un orizzonte invisibile, che danza e si sposta come le sue dune.
Desert is like a beautiful woman…never revealing itself, appearing and disappearing. Its face changes shape and colour, is ebullient or white-salt. An invisible horizon dancing and moving like its dunes.
Le désert c’est comme une belle dame…jamais il se révéle, il paraît et disparaît. Son visage change de forme et de couleur, volcanique ou blanche comme le sel. Un horizon invisible, qui danse et bouge comme ses dunes.
Пустыня - красивая женщина, которая никогда не показывается, а появляется и исчезает. У нее лицо, которое всегда меняет форму и цвет, вукланическое или белое как соль. Невидимый горизонт, который танцует и движется как дюны.

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Venuto al mondo (Margaret Mazzantini)

Venuto al mondo (Margaret Mazzantini)This is a story set in Italy and in Sarajevo, during the present and during the past…it’s the story of a mother, a girl, who spent most part of her life fighting to have a son. It’s a story of love, of motherhood and childhood, full of love, emotions, but also of war and hate.
In my opinion, is one of the best work by Margaret Mazzantini.
Perchè nella vita capita di rinunciare alle persone migliori a favore di altre che non ci interessano, che non ci fanno del bene, semplicemente ci capitano tra i passi, ci corrompono con le loro menzogne, ci abituano a diventare conigli?
What’s the reason why, during our life, sometimes we abandon the best people for someone we don’t care about, someone who’s not good for us, someone who simply appears in our walk, infects us through his lies and makes us become cowards?
Pourquoi pendant notre vie, peut nous arriver de renoncer aux gens meilleurs pour des autres qui ne nous intéressent pas, qui nous sont nuisible et qui simplement tombent dans notre chemin, qui nous corrompent par des mensonges et qui nous habituent être des mouillées?
Зачем, в течении жизни, нам случается отказываться от лучших людей в пользу других людей, которами мы не интересоваемся; фигуры которые не нам делают добро, а только путаются у нас под ногами, подкупают с ложами и нас приучают стать трусами?